Condensate and Seal Pots

Condensate & Seal Pots - Condensate Pots


The main purpose of the condensate pot is to catch and hold condensate and foreign material. This prevents damage to the metering system and/or manifold.

Condensate pots are used as a barrier between the main line and the secondary instruments in the measurement of steam or other vapors which condensate to a liquid state insuring compatability with the secondary instruments. They can also be used to cool down very high temperature liquids.


  • Small, thin design and light weight
  • Design allows you to combine with other valves in series for safe shutoff
  • Sizes from 1/2" to 2" and ANSI Class 150# up to ANSI Class 2500# flanges


Data Sheet
Condensate Pots Series Data Sheet
Hex Condensed Catalog

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