HN41 Series

HN41 Series Instrument Valve


The HN41 Series is a straight-thru design with a Delrin seat, which provides bi-directional flow and the ability to "rod-out" the valve for cleaning.

These valves are specifically targeted for the oil and gas industry and are available only in 316 Stainless Steel per NACE MR-01-75.

Valves are rated at 6000 psig @ 200°F (413,7 bar @ 93,3°C)


  • Dust cap - provides a barrier to environmental contaminants
  • Backseated bonnet with packing below the stem threads - to eliminate potential thread contamination by the process media, the pakcing is located below the stem threads. Backseating minimizes fugitive emissions with a metal-to-metal backseat that also prevents accidental removal or stem blowout in operation.


Data Sheet
HN41 Series Data Sheet
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