Two Valve Manifolds - Static Pressure - HM50 Series

HM50 Series Two Valve Manifolds - Static Pressure


The HM50 Series is a single flanged static pressure manifold that incorporates a primary block valve, a bleed valve and a secondary shutoff valve into a single valve assembly. The secondary shutoff and bleed valve also allows the gauge and transmitter to be removed or bled without requiring additional valving. The HM50 provides separate instrument bleed and a calibration entry port to allow for fast, accessible zeroing and calibration of gauge pressure transmitters. With the installation of a tube fitting / cap or a quick connect coupling, zeroing and calibration can bee performed without a wrench with a substantial reduction in the time required to perform this procedure. The HM50 features a threaded inlet and flanged outlet, allowing the transmitter to bolt directly to the manifold. This design results in quick installation and allows a technician to remove the transmitter for service without disassembling the associated piping.


  • Reduce Costs & Installation Time - Use Hex static pressure manifolds in place of the conventional arrangements of nipples, pipes, elbows, tees and gate valves for a lower cost, easier to install valve assembly.
  • Non-Rotating (NRT) Stem - Provides tight, repeatable shutoff without the galling or cross scoring that occurs on ball type stems.
  • Fully Backseated Bonnets - Prevent accidental stem removal and blowout. Unique design minimizes emissions.


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HM50 Series Data Sheet
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