Five Valve Manifold - Metering - HM57 Series

HM57 Series Five Valve Manifold - Metering


The HM57 Five Valve Manifold combines two shutoff valves, two equalizing valves, and a vent/calibration valve into a single, compact assembly. The double equalizing arrangement insures against measurement error that can occur from equalizer leakage between high and low pressure connections, making the HM57 ideal for custody transfer applications.

When expensive liquid or gas changes ownership, precise measurement is critical. The smallest leakage from the high side of the manifold the the low side of the manifold can lead to lost revenue due to inaccurate measurement. Therefore, when dealing with custody transfer or other critical flows, a five valve manifold should be used to achieve more accurate measurement. The number of threaded connections is greatly reduced when using the HM57 instead of needle valves, piping and tees, and, with fewer connections, there are fewer potential leak points and reduced risk of fugitive emissions.


  • Reduce Costs & Installation Time - Use a five valve blowdown manifold in place of the conventional arrangement of five individual needle valves, piping and tees to provide a streamlined, low cost, easy to install assembly.
  • Choice of Mounting Options - Available with threaded by threaded, threaded by flange, or flanged by flanged connections for a variety of mounting requirements.
  • Integral Vent/Calibration Valve - Shutoff, equalizing and vent/calibration functions are provided in one compact valve body weighing only 3.75 pounds (1,7 kg). Technicians can perform zeroing and calibration procedures at the manifold location with a minimum of tools.


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