Two Valve Manifolds - Level  - HM58 Series

HM58 Series Two Valve Manifolds - Level


The HM58 Level Manifold is a simplified, lower cost alternative to D/P level installations. The HM58 allows the user to construct a level installation with minimal components. This method eliminates the need for tubing, fittings, instrument pipe stands and their associated installation costs.


  • Minimize Material & Installation Time - The HM58 eliminates the need for instrument pipe stands along with the tubing, fittings and problems associated with remote tubed installations.
  • Flexible Universal Design - With a universal design, the HM58 can be used for vented or closed tank, bottom or top side-mounted installations or for tank top mounted bubbler installations.
  • Purge Ports Available - Eliminates requirements for signal line tubing, tees or fittings for purge media. With optional purge ports, the purge media is tubed directly into the orts on the bottom of the manifold.


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HM58 Series Data Sheet
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