Two Valve Manifolds - Static Pressure  - HM59 Series

HM59 Series Two Valve Manifolds - Static Pressure


The HM59 Series is a line-mounted two valve manifold that functions as a shutoff and bleed valve for static pressure instrumentation. Compared to traditional piping methods that use an arrangement of nipples, pipes, elbows and tees, and gate valves, the HM59 Series will provide alow cost, easy-to-install unit that performs the same functions traditionally performed by a number of piping components. The use of the HM59 Series also reduces the number of threaded connections, resulting in fewer leak points.


  • Reduce Costs & Installation Time - Use Hex static pressure manifolds in place of the conventional arrangements of nipples, pipes, elbows, tees and gate valves for a lower cost, easier to install valve assembly.
  • Non-Rotating (NRT) Stem - Provides tight, repeatable shutoff without the galling or cross scoring that occurs on ball type stems.
  • Fully Backseated Bonnets - Prevent accidental stem removal and blowout. Unique design minimizes emissions.


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