Rigid Mount Manifolds  - HM16 Series

HM10/13/14/16/18 Rigid Mount Manifolds


Hex Rigid Mount Manifolds mount directly to the pipe stand securing the impulse lines so the transmitter can be installed or removed independently of the piping. They feature a "standard" two or three valve manifold or a blowdown manifold with an integral, welded mounting plate. The secure, welded design allows for fast and easy installation of gauge and differential pressure transmitters on vertical or horizontal pipe stands. Choose from five models to meet your instrumentation requirements

HM10: Single FLange Static Pressure Manifold for Gauge Pressure Instrumentation

HM13: Single Flanged Three Valve Manifold for Differential Pressure Transmitters

HM14: Double Flanged Three Valve Manifold for Differential Pressure Transmitters

HM16: Single Flanged Manifold featuring independent blowdown valves

HM18: Single FLanged Two Valve Manifold for use with Level Instrumentation


  • Non-Rotating Tip (NRT) Stem - Provides tight, repeatable shutoff without the galling or cross-scoring that occurs on ball type stems.
  • Choice of Mounting Options - Available with single flanged or double flanged designs, and three or five valve assemblies to match your application needs and to mate with your specific transmitter.
  • Fully Packed Bonnets - Four rings of Teflon-Chevron packing.


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