Mono-Ball Valves - HK02 Series

Mono-Ball Valves - HK02 Series


The Mono Ball Valve design is used for direct shutoff of flow like any ball valve. The difference is the compact design and light weight.

The valve can be used in conjunction with other valves in series to allow for a safer shutoff creating a double block for safety. This can also be used with a double block and bleed valve where safety shutoff is of great concern but still allows for a small profile.


  • Small, think design and tight shutoff
  • Design allows you to combine with other valves in series for safe shutoff
  • Sizes from 1/2" to 2" and ANSI Class 150# up to ANSI Class 2500# flanges
  • 10mm through bore


Data Sheet
HK02 Series Data Sheet
Hex Condensed Catalog

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