Orifice Block Valves  - HO25 Series
The HO25 features an OS&Y bolted bonnet and two outlet ports. The HO25 is more compact and has a shorter profile than the HG65 model.
Orifice Block Valves  - HG12 Series
The HG12 features a built-in vent or bleed screw on the outlet side of the valve. In process line mounted instrument or signal line tubing, venting, or line filling capabilities can be an added feature  
Orifice Block Valves  - HG65 Series
Orifice Block Valves are designed for compact side-by-side mounting on standard orifice flanges, condensate chambers, mercury traps, and seal traps. Two outlet ports are provided for impulse line connections or for pressure gauge or level gauge mounting. The HG65 is ideal for light hydrocarbons or...