Gauge/Block Valves - PG46 Series

PG46/47/48 Series Gauge/Block Valves


Hex Gauge/Block Valves provide three outlet connections to facilitate the mounting of gauges and other static pressure instrumentation in a variety of positions. The design results in a compact installation with minimal leak points.

The PG46 features the backseated OS&Y bolted bonnet, while the PG48 is supplied with a backseated screwed bonnet.

The PG47 provides a full port and unrestricted flow, which allows the use of a rod-out tool. Note: there is a pressure limitation of 1500 psi @ -20 to +100°F regardless of material.


  • High Temperature, Full Ported - Use on viscous services up to 850°F. Universal 1/2" outlets allow rodding tool positioning without the removal of tubing or instrument.
  • Easy Maintenance for Long Service Life - Easy to remove non-rotating stem tip allows for easier maintenance than found with conventional valve designs.
  • reduce Installation Time - Threads directly into the orifice flange for quick, compact and simple installation.
  • Reduce Potential Leakage - Reduces the number of threaded connections in half resulting in fewer potential leak points as compared to conventional root valve assemblies.


Data Sheet
PG46/47/48 Series Data Sheet
Hex Condensed Catalog

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