Gauge/Block Valves - HG46 Series

HG46 Series Gauge/Block Valves


Compared to traditional piping methods using gate valves, tees and nipples, the HG46 provides a quick, inexpensive and compact means of installing gauges and static pressure instrumentation. The use of the HG46 also reduces the number of threaded connections, resulting in fewer potential leak points. The HG46 can be supplied with a bleed valve or needle valve threaded into one of the outlets to allow for combined block and bleed functions in a single, compact unit.


  • High Temperature, Full Ported - Use on viscous services up to 850°F. Universal 1/2" outlets allow rodding tool positioning without the removal of tubing or instrument.
  • Easy Maintenance for Long Service Life - Easy to remove non-rotating stem tip allows for easier maintenance than found with conventional valve designs.
  • reduce Installation Time - Threads directly into the orifice flange for quick, compact and simple installation.
  • Reduce Potential Leakage - Reduces the number of threaded connections in half resulting in fewer potential leak points as compared to conventional root valve assemblies.


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