Bleed Valves - HB24 Series

HB24/25/26/27 Bleed Valves


The HB24/25/26/27 Series Bleed Valves are available individually, or optionally threaded into an unused outlet port on a variety of Hex Valve models. Used for bleeding off high pressure media, the HB24 & HB25 incorporate back-out stops to prevent inadvertent removal of the stem; the HB26 does not include this feature to allow for stem removal to facilitate calibration through the valve.

- HB24: features an easy to use "T" handle plus directional discharge/drain/tube.

- HB25: incorporates a "hex" head screw to reduce tampering, and also supplies a directional discharge tube

- HB26: features a "hex" head screw, but no discharge/drain tube

- HB27: incorporates a "Mini-Bonnet" (packed) assembly with discharge/drain tube


  • Reduce Costs and Installation Time - Hex block and bleed valves minimize threaded connections while combining multiple valve functions.


Data Sheet
HB24/25/26/27 Series Data Sheet
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