Gauge Syphons

Gauge Syphons


Hex gauge syphons act as thermal and liquid seal barriers between hot process vapors (such as steam and heat transfer fluids) and the gauge pressure instrument. It is designed to replace the large installation space requirements of the traditional "pigtail" syphon, providing maximum instrument protection in half the space. This reduced radius minimizes weight and deflection stress at the primary valve.


  • Minimizes Space/Radius Requirements - Using a model HGSY syphon and a Hex "male x female" globe/needle valve can reduce the conventional installation radius by 50%. Using the model HGVS combination valve and syphon reduces the radius an additional 15%.
  • Minimizes Deflection Stress - Both models minimize deflection stress at the primary valve connection as a result of reduced weight and radius, decreasing problems associated with system vibration.
  • Thermal Protection - Whether high process temperature or instrument freeze-up are concerns, both models provide a constant thermal barrier.
  • Leak Point Minimization - Utilizing the model HGVS syphon with a welded connection reduces threaded connections from four to two.


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Gauge Syphons Series Data Sheet
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