Instru-Mount Manifolds - HM20 Series

HM20 Series Instru-Mount Manifolds


The HM20 Instrument is designed exclusively for single, remote mounted pressure transmitter, switch or gauge installations. In the past, these instruments were often mounted on conventional valve and fitting assemblies with gate, globe, or ball valves, and offered minimal instrument support with high risk of fugitive emissions.

The HM20 Series manifold combines shutoff and bleed functions, along with calibration access into one compact, well supported unit that can be mounted on a 2" pipe stand. Emissions are reduced because all valves are integral to the barstock body, thereby eliminating externally threaded bleed valves as supplied on other manifold designs.


  • Reduce Costs & Installation Time - Use the Instr-Mount manifold in place of the traditional arrangement of nipples, pipes, elbows, tees and gate valves for a lower cost, easy-to-install valve assembly

  • Non-Rotating Tip (NRT) Stem - Provides tight, repeatable shutoff without galling or cross-scoring that occurs on ball type stems.

  • Integral Tube Nut or Inlet Flanges Available - Reduces risks and emissions by eliminating threaded process connections.

  • Easy to Insulate - Prefabricated instrument enclosures fit nearly over the compact, one piece valve assemblies.



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